Cventure is a consulting company providing expertise in greenhouse gas emissions assessment, third-party verification, climate change strategy and sustainability reporting.

GHG Emission Inventory Development & Reporting

Cventure staff members have in-depth subject matter expertise with GHG management, emission estimation protocols and reporting programs. We help clients with methodology development, monitoring plan design, data collection, GHG emission calculations, trends analysis, QA/QC and GHG emission reporting – for both voluntary and mandatory reporting frameworks.

Third-Party Verification

Through third-party verification services we help our clients enhance their public disclosures, respond to stakeholder inquiries and identify best practices for continuous refinement. Direct, tangible results of our verification work include: improved reporting systems, increased CDP, DJSI, and GRI scores and grades; and increased confidence that target tracking and emissions assertions are grounded in reliable data.

Climate Strategy & Planning

The corporate response to climate change is accelerating following the entry into force of the Paris Agreement. We help companies develop strategies to comply with and shape regulatory mandates and voluntary initiatives. We provide technical and policy support for benchmsrking, risk and opportunity mapping, value chain analysis, and target setting, in line with science based targets.

Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

We help clients develop and implement sustainability strategies that align with their business objectives, managing complex environmental, social and governance issues. Our approaches are rigorous, grounded on raw data, and focused on opportunities and risks that are unique to each company and industry.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Development & Reporting

Cventure staff members have industry leading experience in GHG and reporting, earned by working with a wide range of organizations covering a wide range of applications. We have developed and assessed GHG inventories and sustainability disclosures, and managed and developed emission inventory data for a number of applications including the following:

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A majority of the largest companies in the world are now voluntarily investing in assurance and verification for their sustainability and climate change reporting. Our staff members possess industry leading experience in the verification of GHG assertions and reports, and have issued verification statements accepted by the major reporting programs since the earliest days of GHG reporting. We have experience in the formal verification of GHG emissions at all levels:

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Climate Strategy & Planning

Developing a strategy to manage climate risk is a critical step for any forward looking organization. The opportunities and risks posed by climate change – including regulatory risk at the state and federal level, shareholder resolutions, threat of litigation aimed at large emitters, public awareness and perception, changes in energy costs, and supply chain risk – have risen to a level that warrants an effective well thought out strategy for response. Our team has experience with organizational strategy development, benchmarking analyses, and target formulation and goal setting.

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Sustainability Strategy and Reporting

Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are not the only issues prompting strategic discussions and voluntary public disclosures. Companies around the world are also addressing environmental, social and governance concerns including fresh water scarcity, deteriorating water quality, toxic chemicals and industrial pollution impacting human health, gender inequality, diversity and inclusiveness challenges, labor rights abuses including child labor, and other social ills such as lack of respect for basic human rights and increasing income inequality. Concerns over the potential for climate change and extreme weather events to disrupt supply chains are also focusing attention on sustainability, and many companies are actively working with their suppliers to improve sustainability metrics.

The growing awareness of these problems by consumers around the world has led to the institutionalization of sustainability reporting, as more and more companies are disclosing and reporting on their own efforts to be better corporate citizens. The quality of sustainability reporting is also improving as the standards and surveys become more effective and the data more actionable. Pressure from equity investors and stakeholders is also on the rise, and raises the bar for greater levels of disclosure and higher expectations for credibility.

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