At Cventure we understand that transformational change is needed to address the risks of global climate change, but these changes don’t happen overnight. Each step towards mitigating risk, seizing opportunity, increasing efficiency, and transitioning to a clean power future takes effort and leadership. Our team of experienced climate change experts treats every project and task we perform as a critical step to a better future, and an opportunity to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage.

GHG Emission Inventory for the City of New York

GHG Emissions inventory for the City of New York
Cventure assisted the city of New York in the preparation of their first GHG Emissions inventory compliant with the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Emissions (GPC). The assignment required a review of the GHG emission numbers reported for years 2005 to 2013, revision of these historical data to satisfy the requirements for Basic and Basic + reporting, data collection and calculations for year 2014, analyses of changes and trends over time and across sectors and the preparation of a training manual and guidance documentation for future inventory compilers. As a result of the project, New York City was one of the first US cities to announce GPC-compliant GHG emissions data at the Paris COP of 2015.

Compliance with California's mandatory reporitng and Cap-and-Trade programs

Compliance with California’s Mandatory Reporting and Cap-and-Trade Programs
California regulations require annual reporting of GHG emissions, and for companies above the regulatory threshold, compliance with the Cap-and-Trade program. Cventure is actively engaged in helping companies satisfy these requirements. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of California’s rules, as well as expertise in designing monitoring plans, collecting relevant company data and conducting analytical procedures to quantify multiple sources or pathways of GHG emissions. We have engaged in technical briefings for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to highlight the unique characteristics of the industries we work with, and we have designed programs to ensure compliance and to prepare for verification by third party auditors.

Verification of Sustainability Reporting

Verification of Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability reporting is of increasing concern for corporations and shareholders, as well as for their customers and employees. For ten years Cventure has worked with companies integrating sustainability into their core business functions. We have seen the progression from exploratory projects to a mature disciplined program cutting across all levels of corporate culture. As the sophistication of sustainability surveys and questionnaires grows companies place increasing importance to their external communications and responses. The demand for greater transparency and detail in reporting carries with it a risk of inadequate or erroneous reporting. Our verification program mitigates the risk of reporting deficiencies and improves the scores and effectiveness of our clients’ sustainability efforts.