Trusted, Professional Specialists.

Trusted, Professional Specialists

Engineers, environmental managers, and policy analysts by training, we bring a suite of strong technical skills to Greenhouse Gas (GHG),
Climate Change and Sustainability Analysis.

Cventure is a growing business.

Cventure Has Grown Through Repeat Business, Word-of-Mouth Referrals and by Prioritizing Our Client's Needs

"Working with Cventure is information effective, time effective and cost effective." – Jim Martin, Institute for Supply Chain Management/New York

Familiar with the standards you care about.

Familiar with the Standards You Care About

From voluntary disclosures (CDP, GRI, SASB) to mandatory reporting (California Cap and Trade, Mandatory Reporting Rules), we will help you master the standards and requirements of today, while preparing for the needs of tomorrow.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

We help companies and organizations establish performance targets, develop mitigation projects, internalize carbon price signals, and implement sustainable strategies that deliver value to stakeholders at every level.

Cventure is a consulting company providing expertise in greenhouse gas emissions assessment, third-party verification, climate change strategy and sustainability reporting.

GHG Emission Inventory Development & Reporting

Cventure staff members have in-depth subject matter expertise with GHG management, emission estimation protocols and reporting programs. We help clients with methodology development, monitoring plan design, data collection, GHG emission calculations, trends analysis, QA/QC and GHG emission reporting – for both voluntary and mandatory reporting frameworks.

Third-Party Verification

Through third-party verification services we help our clients enhance their public disclosures, respond to stakeholder inquiries and identify best practices for continuous refinement. Direct, tangible results of our verification work include: improved reporting systems, increased CDP, DJSI, and GRI scores and grades; and increased confidence that target tracking and emissions assertions are grounded in reliable data.

Climate Strategy & Planning

The corporate response to climate change is accelerating following the entry into force of the Paris Agreement. We help companies develop strategies to comply with and shape regulatory mandates and voluntary initiatives. We provide technical and policy support for benchmsrking, risk and opportunity mapping, value chain analysis, and target setting, in line with science based targets.

Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

We help clients develop and implement sustainability strategies that align with their business objectives, managing complex environmental, social and governance issues. Our approaches are rigorous, grounded on raw data, and focused on opportunities and risks that are unique to each company and industry.