About Cventure LLC

About Cventure LLC

Cventure is a privately-held firm specializing in climate change and sustainability services. We are an experienced team with deep technical knowledge, strong quantitative skills and business acumen. Our company is driven by the idea that meaningful climate mitigation and sustainability initiatives must be grounded on data and analysis, and should be ambitious but actionable. We believe that integrity, agility and a commitment to excellence differentiates our small firm from a crowded field, and allows us to better respond to our client’s needs.

The services we offer include:

  • Climate change and sustainability consulting,
  • Corporate and community-scale greenhouse gas emission inventory development,
  • Third-party verification of GHG calculation, emission inventories and statements,
  • Science-based and stakeholder-informed goal setting, and
  • Corporate climate strategies

Our History


Cventure was founded by managing partners Wiley Barbour and Kevin Johnson to help companies and organizations respond to climate change and sustainability challenges. Our business model is based on the simple idea that a small, agile and committed team, with the superior technical, policy and business insights that comes with experience, can provide superior advice to organizations facing growing and growingly complex environmental and business challenges.


In the first few years of our company’s history, we provided GHG emission inventory verification services to several Fortune 100 companies, including one of the largest electric power utility companies in America, and leading companies in the financial services, communications and media sectors. During this time Cventure also provided management services for a GHG emissions reduction program, supported a renewable energy project development company, and expanded the number of corporations and organizations we work with.


Cventure expanded into regulated markets, managing a compliance program for a leading company in the oil and gas sector, and assisting with the rules and requirements of California's Cap-and-Trade program for GHGs, as well as the GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule. In 2015, our company expanded operations with the arrival of Marco Buttazzoni, our Director for Economy and Ecology Integration.


In 2016 and 2017, Cventure developed the GHG Emission Inventory for the City of New York, compliant with the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Emissions (GPC), and provided technical and policy support to a leading provider of carbon offsets from afforestation projects. We verify GHG emission inventory reports for Fortune 100 compoanies and and help over a dozen organizations manage and measure their GHG emissions and sustainability performance. Our company continued to grow with offices in Washington, D.C., and the Research Triangle Park, N.C.